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30 Linkia starfish 4 to 5" 4 to 5 1/2" 4 to 6 or 4.5 to 6" inches Bulk Finger Starfish White Beach Nautical Decor ,Crafts,Weddings,Hair Art

$26.49 $ 18.54
4 to 5 1/2" inches
4 to 6" inches
5 to 6" inches
4 to 5" inches
4 1/2 to 6" inches
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30 Finger starfish natural white 4 to 5" , 4" to 5 1/2" 4 to 6" and 4.5 to 6"
inches in size.

Unlike some other seller I do not sell pre-bagged starfish lots.
When I receive starfish in bulk, I take the time to sort thru them and pull
out all the starfish with natural Imperfections like missing legs, natural
occurring growths and burrs and other irregularities .
I strive daily to sell the highest quality starfish ,I pride my self on
selling the highest quality product possible .

Each starfish is hand picked so they are perfect when you receive them.......

They are Great for Home décor, window display ,nautical beach décor or
accents, beach theme weddings , craft , home or school project, ornaments ,
jewelry, hair accessories and much more........

That's as low as .75 cents each.. For 4-5 " quality starfish.WOW...

Larger quantities, variety of sizes ,styles of starfish are available
...............please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or a price
quote .......

I Ship to the US, Canada UK, European Union, Australia and Every where

Thanks for visiting my shop....

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