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Beautiful Wedding Dress/ Bohemian bride/ Off-shoulder/ Lace/ Unique/ Romantic/ Hand-restored

$1200 $ 99
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+ Lovely lace overlay off the shoulder.
+ Thin lace straps.
+ Floral Lace applique on bodice.
+ Embroidered lace trim down center back and on hem.

Waist: 26"
Bust: 32 1/2"
Lace overlay above bodice height: 5.5"
Center front waist to floor: 46.75"
Center back waist to floor: 69"
Lace trim at hem height: 8.5"
Straps: 10.25"

Every dress has a story. Experiences and memories woven into the fabric.
Stitched into the hem and woven with the fibers. Moments of joy and celebration
held in each and every thread. Every dress has lived a life and carries with it
the moments that made it. The past is held in the garment. Wild Azalea
continues to tell the story, past moments with new life, reworked for your own

A better dress, a better way.

Dresses that are intended to mark moments of celebration and joy shouldn't be
worn just once. There is another way. Those same dresses can be re-designed to
carry that memory and can live on into someone else’s story. Here at Wild
Azalea, we believe that all brides are unique and deserve to feel that way on
their wedding day.

We’re here for the brides who care. Our dresses are for brides who want
something more than the typical and conventional. Brides who want to let their
unique spirit be expressed through original designs.

Wild Azalea was born as a response to the traditional bridal industry. We
believe that dresses have more life than a single solitary day. We believe
there is an alternative story to the wedding machine. Fueled by the desire to
be resourceful, all of our dresses are reclaimed, re-imagined, and
hand-restored. The dresses are reborn through our creative process and send it
off to join your story.

Uniquely designed. Uniquely styled. Wild Azalea.

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