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Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dress, Gypsy Wedding Dress, Wedding Dress, Cage Crinoline, Crinoline Petticoat, Wedding Dress Cage Crinoline custom

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You are looking at photos of a big fat beautiful gypsy wedding dress cage
crinoline. The cage crinoline is so beautiful that looks like a wedding dress.
The base foundation is a grand cage crinoline that is extra wide and extra
full. Heavy duty spring hoop steel shapes the cage crinoline. Over 300 yards of
stiff crinoline net ruffling is stitched into the cage. The crinoline net
raises and projects out wedding dresses to look like a big fat gypsy wedding

Most wedding dresses of today can by transformed into a big fat gypsy wedding
dress. A highly structured well built cage crinoline with powerful hoop steel
support is a must have. Luxurious crinoline net tulle built in to the cage
crinoline, fluffs the wedding dresses out into a voluminous showpeice. The
dresses take on the very dramatic look of a big fat gypsy wedding dress.

I work with many many brides that purchase their dresses, and are unable to
locate a source for the wedding dress mega crinolines. If you are one of those
brides, and you want to have the big fat gypsy wedding dress look, send me a
convo. These crinolines have to be custom made just for your dress dimensions
and measurements.

I make this crinoline in white and ivory, and black. You can also order other
colors. The colors, measurements, and dimensions must be discussed in etsy
convos. I will create a custom reserved listing for you to order from.

Already bought your wedding dress? Send me a picture...front, side ,and back.
I can advise you on what to order to transform your dress into a magnificent
confection. These cages work beautifully with historical ball gowns too. Takes
2 to 3 weeks to gather the hundreds of yards of crinoline net, and build the
cage crinoline. This is an item that cannot be rush ordered. Here are the items
i will need to build this cage for your dresses
1.waist to floor length (how long from waist to floor)
2.waist measurements
3.your wedding dress pictures,front,side,and back views
4.measure the hemline circumference of your wedding dress.
5. any magazine, pinterest, or online photos of your wedding dress

This cage absolutely must be custom made by your wedding gown measurements, by
your waist and height measurements. Please let me know if your wedding dress is
long waisted. This type of mega wedding cage works wonderfully with long
waisted dresses and regular waist dresses.

I have to ship these cages in boxes that are 18x18x18. The cage with tulle net
normally weigh around 9 pounds, and sometimes more. I ship priority mail.
Thanks for looking and shopping.

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