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Infographic Wedding Program printable | modern, fun, entertaining for guests | states, travel, destination, fun facts, drinks, hashtag, pets

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DIGITAL FILES for a modern, funny and unique 2-sided wedding program
infographic printable. These fabulous programs are full of character that will
inform, surprise and entertain your guests. Several sizes available for
printing as a traditional half-letter-sized program or as large as a poster
board for placing on a stand at your wedding. Several color schemes available
to match your palette.

**PLEASE NOTE: These are highly labor-intensive designs. After sending us the
information below, please allow up to seven business days for first drafts to
arrive in your email inbox and another five business days after that to
incorporate any revisions that you have. (A business day is Monday-Friday,
8AM-5PM. If you send us your information on a business day after 5PM Eastern,
your design time starts the next business day.) If your wedding is less than a
week away, we do not recommend ordering these programs, as they will not be
finished in time for you to take to a printers. We do not recommend printing
these programs on your home/office computer and are only able to offer printing
troubleshooting when you print at a professional print shop. Orders can be
rushed (when available) for double the total cost, guaranteeing three business
days for first drafts and two business days for revisions.*

How to Order:

Step 1: Place your order.

Step 2: Send ONE email to elizabethdavisdesigns [!at] gmail.com with the
following information in the body of an email (not an attachment):

-Size preference
(Options: 5.5x8.5", 8.5x11", 11x17", 18x24", 24x36")
-Color scheme choice (from the list, or custom 3-color palette = + $20)
-Names of each spouse (will appear at the top of both sides)
-Wedding Date
-Wedding location (city, state)

Side 1:
-Ceremony schedule (3-6 words per line)
-Parents and grandparents of each spouse
-Number of states your combined families are from
-Number of states your wedding party is from
-Names of Flower Girls and/or Ring Bearers
-Names of Wedding party and their titles (Maid of honor, best man, etc.)
-Names and types of pets "celebrating from home"
-Name of Officiant
-Name of ushers
-Names of "In Loving Memory"

Side 2:
-Reception Schedule (Time + 1-3 word event)
-When & where spouses met
-When & where spouses first date
-When & where you first said "I Love You"
-When & where proposal
-How many days you've been planning your wedding by the time the wedding
-How many dresses (approximate) bride tried on before choosing
-How many suits (approximate) groom tried on before choosing
-How many pins bride pinned on her Pinterest wedding board
-How many cups of coffee (or wine or diet coke, etc.) were drank during
wedding planning
-How many calls bride placed to mom (or maid of honor, etc.) during planning
-How many invitations mailed
-How many "yes" RSVPs received
-All the states your guests are from
-Name and distance traveled of farthest-traveling guest
-Name of first guests to RSVP
-Where you're going on your honeymoon
-Instagram hashtag for wedding day
-How many days the spouses have been together

Any information of the above that you do not provide (don't have/don't want)
will simply not be included. Feel free to choose from the list below as a
swap-in for the missing space (or make up your own), keeping in mind that space
is limited, so if your details need significantly more space than the details
in the sample (for example, you have a larger wedding party), we may need to
remove other bits of information to make room. You can change the topics of up
to five sections on each side of the program. If you want to change/delete more
than five sections on one side we usually need to reformat and redesign that
whole side, which means it's a fully custom job and will require custom design
costs. If you want to change more than five sections on one or both sides,
please contact us before purchasing.
% He planned vs. % She planned (pie chart)
Guest book information (where it will be so guests can sign)
Number of friends attending
Special "thank you" or "shout out"
Cake or dessert options
Signature cocktail
Number of wedding vendors
Number of workout/yoga/training/miles run/miles driven during wedding planning
Beer & wine list
Guest favors info (what they are/why they're significant/where they'll be)
Musicians or Band
Readers at wedding
Bible Verse or inspirational quote
"Unplugged Wedding" info
Little known facts about bride or groom or relationship
Suggestions for activities to do in the area
"That's When I Knew" section - when each spouse knew the other was The One

Step 3: When your payment clears and we receive the above information from
you, we will email a high-resolution PDF first draft to the email address
linked to your Etsy account within seven business days. (If you prefer the
draft to be sent as a JPEG, please let us know in the "Note to" section). Seven
business days of our design time does not begin until we receive ALL of your
information (A missing RSVP # or other small detail is OK) in the body of an
email (not attachment).

Step 4: When you receive your first draft, please take your time reviewing it
and let us know if you need any revisions. This program includes ONE round of
revisions* ("one round of revisions" means ONE email with multiple revisions).
Extra revisions can be purchased for $20 per set ("one set" is ONE email with
multiple revisions). A final version will be returned to you within five
business days.

Step 5: Save the design to your computer and take the file to your preferred
local or online print shop!

Matching "Welcome" signs 3-pack:

Fine Print!

*If you send us multiple emails or multiple Etsy convos with your information
and/or edits/revisions, we will politely ask you to re-send all of your
information in the body of a single email.

*Keeping the price down depends on you! Your excellent organization and great
communication are essential if you want to avoid purchasing extra revisions. If
we make mistakes, we will of course fix them for free, but if you change your
mind about a color choice, RSVP number, bridesmaid's name, etc. after we've
already sent the final version, you must purchase an additional set of
revisions. Every extra message we respond to, every email, edit and revision is
time away from other clients and from our families. We must limit that time by
putting a price on it. Extra rounds of revisions, no matter how small, are $20.
No exceptions. If you feel you cannot abide by these policies, please don't
purchase this infographic. Thank you so much for understanding.

-Please note that colors may look a little different between monitors and
print shops. Always ask for a hard copy proof from your printers before
finalizing any print job.

-All designs are copyrighted. You do not have permission to edit or re-sell
designs, either in part or whole.

*Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask! There are many more to come and
we'd be happy to be commissioned for your specialty projects! Thanks so much
for visiting Elizabeth Davis Design.

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