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Red gown, Alternative wedding dress, Prom dress long, Red bridesmaid dress, Red evening dress, color plus size wedding dress 0060

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By INDV measurements US women's letter
XXS B26-33 W23-25 IN US women's letter
XS B29-33 W26 Inch US women's letter
S - B33 W27 Inch US women's letter
S - B34 W28 Inch US women's letter
M - B36 W30 Inch US women's letter
M - B38 W32 Inch US women's letter
L - B39 W33 Inch US women's letter
L - B41 W35 Inch US women's letter
XL - B43 W37 Inch US women's letter
XL - B46 W40 Inch US women's letter
XXL - B48 W42 Inch US women's letter
XXL - B50 W45 Inch US women's letter
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SKU : es-253841996 Category : Bridal Gowns & Separates

• Wedding Dress Description: Luxurious red dress made of chiffon and two lace
kinds. Red is a magnificent and very bright colour, everyone will notice you.
Upper part features single cut sleeves and embroidered chest area with
rhinestones and lace elements. Skirt is made from several chiffon layers
letting it have just the right volume and texture.

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• Item Details:
- Colour: Red (others available)
- Dress design options: Alternative, Colored
- Materials: Chiffon, Lace (others available)
- Sizes available: custom tailored
- Bespoke/Custom tailored: please

Dear Client,

Thank you for contacting us about your interest in one of our handmade dresses.

Each dress is unique and original, as you can order the individual dress
project with further design revisions, allowing us to create the dress of your
dreams - we are always available for your consultation.

We have compiled some basic information here to help you understand our

• Payment: depending on dress price, payment in 2-4 installments is available.
We offer discounts for early booking: 12 months - 5%; 18 months - 10%;

• Tailored: please contact us or make an order and we will send you a form -
size chart with detailed photo instruction on how you can take your
Please inform us if you have any diverging from standard size parameter so
that we are able to find the best solution for you.
All dresses are made in our studio. You shouldn’t have to wait, if the dress
with right size is available, we will ship it immediately.

• Individual reworkings and alterations: the price and turnaround time of a
dress with individual reworking or alteration is determined by client
consultations during the pre-sewing stage.

• Sewing turnarounds: typically, 2 to 20 weeks, however shorter terms may be
available, with a turnaround of 5-10 days.

• Shipping terms: express 3-5 days, standard 9-15 days.

• Size chart:
Personal measurements template -
XXS / US00 / EU28 / UK2 / (Bust 26-32.5, Waist 23,5-24,5 Inch)
XS / US0 / EU30 / UK4 / (Bust 29-32.5, Waist 25.5 Inch)
S / US2 / EU32 / UK6 / (Bust 33, Waist 26,5 Inch)
S / US4 / EU34 / UK8 / (Bust 34, Waist 27,5 Inch)
S / US6 / EU36 / UK10 / (Bust 35, Waist 28,5 Inch)
M / US8 / EU38 / UK12 / (Bust 36, Waist 29.5 Inch)
M / US10 / EU40 / UK14 / (Bust 37.5, Waist 32 Inch)
L / US12 / EU42 / UK16 / (Bust 39, Waist 32.5 Inch)
L / US14 / EU44 / UK18 / (Bust 41, Waist 34.8 Inch)
XL / US16W / EU46 / UK20 / (Bust 43.3, Waist 37.3 Inch)
XL / US18W / EU48 / UK22 / (Bust 45.5, Waist 39.8 Inch)
XXL / US20W / EU50 / UK24 / (Bust 47.8, Waist 42.3 Inch)
XXL / US22W / EU52 / UK26 / (Bust 50, Waist 44.8 Inch)
3XL / US24W / EU54 / UK28 / (Bust 53, Waist 48 Inch)
3XL / US26W / EU56 / UK30 / (Bust 56, Waist 51.3 Inch)

For your kind attention, our shop policies for returns, shipping, etc. are
available on our Etsy "Policies" page.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries that you may have,
regarding the process, the information set out above or any other questions
regarding your unique, personally created dress!

Our contact details follow below. Yours faithfully, Anna

ig: http://instagram.com/anna_skoblikova
site: http://annaskoblikova.com
mail: annadyominova [!at] gmail.com
phone: ‎+1(772)252-66-55
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sku - 0060

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