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SIGRID Celtic Dress, Medieval Linen Dress, Pagan Clothing, Viking Wedding Dress, Viking Costume Woman, Elven Dress, Gothic Dress

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******For a smooth collaboration,
please read the description below!******
Linen colours and weights can be found here:

It's very important that you read FAQ from the bottom of the home page. There
you will find what needs to be done before placing an order and how to order,
as well as what the Category of Price refers to and a few other important
information such as the Digital images used to embroider your designs.

Also, if you want to understand what is happening in the Linen Old Ways world
or just to get a little bit inspired, the About Linen Old Ways section will
present to you the Concept and the Mission.

Please NOTE that the Cherry Red Linen is out of stock. I invite you to check
the options in red.
And the hood/cape presented in the last photos is not included in the price of
the dress, it comes as customization.


About SIGRID Celtic Dress

SIGRID Celtic Dress, Medieval Linen Dress, Pagan Clothing, Viking Wedding
Dress, Viking Costume Woman, Elven Dress, Gothic Dress

This wonderful dress will come from now on with an upgraded embroidery design.
I will present it to you in the process before ordering.
Therefore the dress will remain a unique product, the presentation photos
serve only as inspiration.

The accessories (belt and fur capelet) are not included, they serve only as
inspiration. However, if you would like to create a similar belt for yourself,
other matching personalised accessories or handmade leather shoes, the belt was
made by ArtadaShop ( ), some extraordinarily skilled artists who share the same
values and follow a similar concept as Linen Old Ways.

What you see on this dress as fabric and colours is 100% linen. The outer
layer was made in Classy Black medium weight and the inner layer was made in
Cherry Red (out of stock).
The cords on the dress are 100% cotton.
The dress consists of three pieces: Outer layer, Inner layer and detachable
The inner layer will be created to fulfil the purpose of a casual skirt, in
the hope that you will get to fully enjoy at least parts of your Linen Old Ways
product as often as you would like and for the longest possible.

As you have probably read in the process description (FAQ section), the dress
will be made in your measurements and your own colour preference with the help
of your very much appreciated collaboration.

The main purpose of this dress is to serve as a spectacular wedding dress for
those who will opt for an alternative wedding, a themed wedding or just a
different kind of event for their union celebration. However, the design goes
perfectly well on many different occasions, which will be entirely up to you.
:) As a sweet woman declared to me once, the dress makes you feel so special
that you can just create it for your own pleasure to be enjoyed in your private
corners. :)

Kindly thank you for reading!
Any questions you might have, I will be here for you!

You have my sincere respect and admiration for choosing a sustainable
ethically made product, dear fellow human!

Linen Old Ways

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