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Tulle skirt Woman Tulle Skirt Bridesmaid Tulle Skirt Bridal Tulle Skirt Wedding Tulle Skirt Tulle skirt for bride Floor lenght skirt

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17.71 inch / 45 cm
21.65inch / 55 cm
27.56 inch / 70 cm
39.37 inch / 100 cm
43.31 inch / 110 cm
23inch / 58 cm
24 inch / 61 cm
25 inch / 64 cm
26 inch / 67 cm
27 inch / 70 cm
28 inch / 73 cm
29 inch / 76 cm
30 inch / 79 cm
31 inch / 81 cm
32 inch / 84 cm
33 inch / 87 cm
34 inch / 90 cm
35 inch / 93 cm
36 inch / 96 cm
37 inch / 99 cm
38 inch / 102 cm
39 inch / 105 cm
40 inch / 108 cm
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Tulle skirt Woman Tulle Skirt Bridesmaid Tulle Skirt Bridal Tulle Skirt
Wedding Tulle Skirt Tulle skirt for bride Floor lenght skirt

Rendered in luxurious tulle fabric, this beautiful skirt is made from 4 layers
of luxury wedding tulle "Hayal Tulle" . Perfect for weddings or a romantic date
night, this amazing skirt is a must have for every closet.
The high quality of tailoring. Only the best materials are used for sewing.

!!Please note that the colors of the objects on photos may differ from real!!

Layers: 4 layers (Base).You can choice quantity of the layers
Style: lush casual.
Color of skirt № 7 in our color chart!
Color of lining - brown!

All skirts are made to order, so if you don't find your exact length and waist
measure in the options, please chose the closest one and kindly leave us notes
about your precise measurements.

We have 147 different colours of tulle, so please have a look at the colour
card and kindly leave us a message about the colour you would like. If you have
any difficulties in chosing the right one, we will be happy to help with
additional photos and an advice.
We have the possibility to supply also colours that are not pictured in the
card, so don't hesitate to ask for any colour you have in mind.

Tulle: wedding luxury Hayal Tulle matt (Hayal Tulle - soft and has a matte
finish used in sewing tulle wedding and evening dresses, sewing of wedding
Handmade , 100 % origin
Hand wash recommended


1. Select the waist size in the options

2. Select length in the options

3. Choice the colors: Availble 147 colors, see on the samples photo and please
left a notice in order with the "name" of color you want!

4. Required. Please write In the comments to the order, choose 2 belts: silk
belt with zipper or elastic belt,

Customization is available- just feel free to contact with us if you have a
question about it.

Basic length: 100 cm ≈ 39.37 in ( + - 3.93inch)

Please write in notice what floor length you need.

Tulle: Luxury wedding tulle "Hayal Tulle" .Draped, flexible, and very soft and
high-quality tulle. Durable and easy to handle. He a thinner and has a matte
look unlike other tulle.
Most used in the wedding dress sector is "Hayal tulle" fabric

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